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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

MD Editor Layout

MD Editor Visual Layout Overview

The Left Pane of the MD Editor is comprised of three modules. Each module tab has corresponding formats (record and rule types) and editing options. The MD Editor Modules are:

  • Records (Default)
    Records Tab
  • Templates
    Templates Tab
  • Rules
    Rules Tab

What displays in the left pane records list is determined by what tab is selected:

  • Records:
    • Bib and holdings records that have been pushed to the MDE or opened in the MD Editor by selecting "Edit Record" from a repository search
    • The Left Pane records list will be empty if no records have been previously opened or pushed to the MD Editor
  • Templates:
    • Existing templates will display in the records list based on the record type selected
  • Rules:
    • Existing rules will display in the records list based on the rule type selected


The Left Pane Menu Actions are:

Left Pane Menu - Visual Representation


Filter List


Search List


"Search List" allows users to search for a record in the list. This is useful when there are a lot of records in the records list.


Refresh List

Visual of clicking the refresh list to refresh the display of records in the left pane of the MD Editor
  • "Refresh List" will Refresh the list of records

  • Click on the "Refresh List" icon to refresh the list


Release Displayed Records in the List

Release Displayed Records in List Icon Visual Display
  • "Release displayed records in the list" will release all records displaying in the MD Editor for the record type.
  • This includes records that were opened in the MD Editor from a repository search or records that were pushed to the MD Editor.
  • "Release displayed records in the list" will only release records from the record format being currently viewed. 


Editor Split Mode

"Editor split mode" is also know as the split screen editor. A record must be open in the MD Editor for the "Editor Split Mode" icon to be active (blue). The "Editor split mode" can be:

  1. Opened
  2. Closed 

To open the split screen editor:

Visual of clicking the Split editor mode icon from the left pane menu
  • With a record open in the MD Editor, click the "Editor Split Mode" icon to open split screen 

To close the split screen editor either:

Visual of closing a split screen in the MDE by clicking on the X

There are three ways to close a split screen in the MDE:

  1. Save and Release the Record
  2. Release the Record
  3. Click the "X" in the upper right-hand corner
    • Note: Closing a record using the "X" does not release or save the record

The editing pane of the MD Editor is where the work takes place. Bib and holdings records open in the editing pane of the MD Editor.  The MD Editor drop-down menu and tool bar allows the user to perform tasks related to cataloging.

Bib records that display in the MD Editor have a new looks and feel:

  • The Header
    • Header indications
    • Information - when the record was last edited
    • Click on the Header to toggle between bib records when the split screen editor is open
  • Record Actions allowed on the record open in the right-hand side of the split screen editor
  • Field and subfield new color scheme
  • Each field has the following available actions:
    • Open Form Editor
    • Field Information - comes from the Library of Congress (LOC)
  • Expand/collapse errors 

The main menu in the editing pane if the MD Editor will display functionality based on the records that are open in the editing pane. The follow menu options are available for:

The Main Menu will display in the MD Editor with the following Main Menu actions available when it is opened without a record:

New MD Editor Main Menu Opened Without A Record


The Main Menu will display with the following Menu Actions when a MARC21 bib record is opened in the MD Editor:

Main Menu Actions When A Bib Record is Open in the MD Editor

The Main menu will display with the following Menu Actions when a MARC21 holdings record is opened in the MD Editor:

Main Menu When a Holdings Record is Open in the New MD Editor

Main Menu Actions For a Holdings Record - Only Current Functionality is Included!

Collapse/Expand Record List

The MD Editor is responsive to the users window size. However, the user can choose to expand or collapse the size of the record list to increase or decrease the amount of workspace in the MD Editor.

Click on the chevrons to collapse or expand the left pane:
Click on the chevron to expand and view the left pane temporarily

Pin Record List

The "Pin" allows the left pane to either remain open or closed while working in the MD Editor.

The left pane can be Pinned or Unpinned:

Click the pin to keep the left pane visible

Record Display Information

Records that are in the MD Editor display in the left pane.  The followings record information can be viewed without opening the record in the Main Pane of the MD Editor:

  • A record is "Pushed" to the MD Editor
  • Notes are associated with the record
  • A record is suppressed (not available to date)
  • Zone the record is from
  • Title / Statement of Responsibility
  • MMS ID
  • Date the record was created/edited and by whom

Visual of the information that can be provided from the records list display of a record