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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

Item Records

Roles required to work with item records:

  • Physical Inventory Operator
  • Physical Inventory Operator Extended (must be combined with Physical Inventory Operator)

Item records are linked to holdings records. They are created:

  • Automatically for:
    • Print or Physical One Time orders
      • Holdings and item records are created when a POL is created
  • Upon Receiving for:
    • Print or Physical Subscription orders
      • Holdings records are only created when a POL is created
      • Items records are created when they are received (Acquisitions>Receiving and Invoicing>Receive)
  • Manually for:
    • Standing orders
      • They do not create holdings or item records. Holdings and item records are created in the MD Editor
    • Existing items in the collection that are not in Alma 

Item Records Content

Item records contain:

  • Barcodes
  • Material Type
  • Associated POL (if it exists)
  • Item Policy (not required in Alma, unless the item policy exception has not created at the TOU level)
  • Receiving Date
  • Item Description (Enum/Chron for serials)
  • Permanent Location (location in the holdings record)
  • Temporary Location (creates a temporary holdings record when used)
  • and other information as required

Items Record Training Videos