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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

OCLC Publishing Profiles

OCLC Publishing profiles allows libraries to automatically synchronize their bibliographic holdings and local holdings records with OCLC Worldcat. Bibliographic records and Local Holdings Records (LHRs) can be configured to be published automatically to OCLC Worldcat via OCLC Worldshare data sync collections on a daily or weekly basis.

  • Automating bibliographic publishing profiles in Alma allows for more accuracy with library holdings in OCLC Worldcat. Bibliographic Publishing Profiles also keep the holdings in the Network Zone in sync with SUNY-wide OCLC holdings. SUNY OCLC Worldcat holdings impact the new, updated, and merged files that are run daily in Alma.
  • Publishing Local Holdings Records (LHRs) can be automated in Alma. When the LHR publishing profile is enabled, local holdings information updates automatically update LHRs in OCLC Worldcat using a data sync collection.

Records match on the OCLC number.


  • If the following fields are added to the Alma MARC record, they may be inadvertently added to the OCLC Master Record:
    • Call number fields: 050, 055, 060, 070, 080, 082, 083, 084, 085, 086, 090, 092
    • Note fields: 505, 511, 520
    • Subject Headings: 6XX
    • Electronic location and access: 856
  • Because some CZ records include a print OCLC number, holdings may be incorrectly added to physical titles in OCLC if your campus chooses to publish electronic records to OCLC. Use “Set Management Tags” of “Don’t publish” for e-resources if your library does not want to publish e-resources to OCLC.

OCLC Bibliographic Record Publishing Profile

The majority of SUNY libraries have been configured by SUNY Library Services in Alma to publish their bibliographic holdings to OCLC under Resources>Publishing>Publishing Profiles.

  • Bib records are published to the library's OCLC Worldshare bibliographic data sync collection when they are added, modified, or deleted from the library collection.
  • Bib records need to be tagged "Publish bib" in Alma in order for the bib records to be automatically published to the data sync collection.
  • Publishing profiles can be configured to be published daily or weekly, and as of August 2022, you can adjust the time of day or day of the week to decrease server space competition with other institutions who are also using the default Alma settings.

When changes are made to bib records that are tagged to "Publish bib" the leader (LDR) in position 5 will be changed in the output file being sent to OCLC in order to tell the data sync collection what to do with the bib record in OCLC:

Note that the LDR position 5 will only be changed in the output file - you will not see the change in the metadata editor.

Bib records can be prevented from publishing to the OCLC Worldshare data sync collection by changing the "Set Management Tag" to "Don't publish".

  • The tag can be changed manually in the MD Editor for individual records.
  • The tag can be changed for a set of records using the "Synchronize bib record with external system" or "Synchronize with OCLC" job.
  • Best practice is to change the "Set Management Tag" to "Don't publish" for bib records in Alma that a library does not want to publish.

Bib records that should not be published to OCLC:

  • Bib records without OCLC numbers
  • Bib records used for course reserves only
  • Electronic resources for libraries who do not publish their e-resources

NOTE: The data sync collections have been configured not to publish electronic resources for SUNY libraries that do not publish the e-resources holdings to OCLC.

OCLC Local Holdings Record Publishing Profile

Local Holdings Records (LHRs) can be published to OCLC Worldshare data sync collection for SUNY libraries that want to automate updating their LHRs. Note that not all SUNY libraries use LHRs to provide specific holdings details such as coverage dates for journals.

When changes are made to holdings records and they are tagged to "Publish bib" the leader (LDR) in position 5 is changed in the output file that is sent to OCLC with the following record statuses:

Reviewing Data Sync Files

It is a good idea to periodically review data sync files in OCLC Worldshare to make sure files are being sent and received:

  1. Login to OCLC Worldshare Management Services
  2. Click My Files
  3. Click Download
  4. Select files containing BIB in the file path:
    • Bibprocessingreport – is based on collection setup, record content, and actions taken on the bibliographic record.
    • Bibsummaryreport - contains the corresponding statistics for the Bibliographic Processing Report
    • BibCrossRefReport - includes only records that resulted in one of the following bibActions: create, match, replace, or field transfer
    • BibUnresolvedCrossRefRport -  includes only records that resulted in a bibAction of unresolved
    • BibExceptionReport - contains unresolved records that were added to WorldCat staging
  5. Click Download
  6. Open the file on your desktop
  7. Review file

OCLC Publishing Profiles Training Videos