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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

Template Overview

Templates contain user-defined fields for bib or holdings records, and improve workflows by:

  • Creating more efficient workflows by populating predefined fields
  • Creating and updating bib and holdings records to adhere to an institution's policies with consistency and accuracy


MARC21 Bib templates can be used to:

  • Create NZ brief bib records for ordering using SUNY created brief bib templates
  • To add local MARC fields to NZ-linked MARC records
  • Create or enhance IZ only records that will not be linked to the NZ 

Holdings templates can be used to:

  • Create new holdings records
  • Enhance existing holdings records  

SUNY has several templates already set up for campus use.

SUNY NZ brief bib templates:

  • SUNY NZ Brief Bib Record (for monographs)
  • SUNY NZ Cont Resources Brief Bib Record (for continuing resources)
  • SUNY NZ Visual Materials Brief Bib (for visual materials)

Required Roles for Templates

One of the following roles is required to create templates in the MD Editor:

Roles for Templates Use:

  • Cataloger: Create and edit templates
  • Cataloger Extended (must be combined with Cataloger): Delete templates
  • Catalog Manager or Catalog Administrator: Create, edit, and delete templates

Searching for Templates

Templates are stored in the MD Editor in three types of folders:

  • Private - Contains private templates created and only seen by the user
  • Shared - Contains shared templates contributed from SUNY institutions and the Network
  • Community - Contains templates shared to the community by all Alma users in and outside SUNY

All template folders will display in the templates list out of the box. Users can apply filters to allow all or some of the template folders to display. User filters are user specific and they will not be inherited to other users in the institution.

To filter the template folders:

  1. Open the MD Editor
  2. Click on the Templates tab
  3. Click on the Filter list icon under the record type tabs. It does not matter which record type is selected as the filter changes will be applied to all template record types
  4. Select the scope(s) the user wants to display. The scope is where the template has been created
  5. Change how the templates are sorted
  6. Click Apply

    Filter List showing Community deselected for template folders

Types of Templates

Template icons can be differentiated by the image and color associated with them:

Icon Images and their Meaning:


Icon Colors and their Meaning:


Template actions are determined by how and where they have been created. Right clicking on a template will display the available functionality for the template.

Right-Click Template Actions:

Creation/Modification History

To view template creation and modification information:

  1. Open the MD Editor
  2. Click on the Templates tab
  3. Click on the Record Type tab for the template
  4. Expand the folder the template resides in
  5. Hover the mouse over the template name to see the creation and modification information 

Creation and Modification Information by hovering over the template name

Placement Options

It is very important to make sure the placement of templates is set to the correct Zone when creating new templates from existing records.

  • Placement options are not applied when duplicating an existing template.
  • Duplicating existing templates will inherit the zone of the existing template.
  • The "Placement of new records and templates" will default to the last zone selected. It is good practice to check the placement of new templates prior to creation.

Setting Placement Options

  1. Open Metadata Editor
  2. Click New>Placement Options
  3. Click on the radio button next to "Local" for the "Placement of new records and templates" if the template is being created for IZ only records
  4. Click Save

Placement Options - Placement of new records and templates to local


What "Placement of new records and templates" are applied when creating a new template:

Display Configuration in the MD Editor

"Template Display Configuration" lets users quickly access templates for regular use.

To enable or disable templates to display under the "New" menu for quick access:

  1. Click New from the Main Menu actions
  2. Click on "Template Display Configuration"
  3. Click on the corresponding "Display in Menu" toggle to enable or disable a template
    • Blue = enabled
    • Grey = disabled
  4. Click Save

New MD Editor - Configuring Template Displace Screen