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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

Searching in Alma

There are many ways to search for records, holdings, and items in Alma.

  • Bibliographic records: All Titles, Physical Titles, or Electronic Titles
  • Holdings: Physical Holdings
  • Items: Physical Items

record search

Within each search type, you can search by title, MMS id, keywords, etc.


Repository Search Indexes

If you're not satisfied by the out of the box search options in Alma, you may configure new search indexes.

One of the following roles is required:

  • Catalog Administrator
  • General System Administrator

New search indexes are only use for searching in Alma, and do not impact discovery in Primo VE. Search indexes can be enabled and disabled in Alma depending on the needs of the institution, and may be used for simple or advanced searches.


Configuring Search Indexes

If you're looking for a search index that does not appear in a simple or advanced search, check the Search Index table to see if it is available for activation:

  1. Go to Configuration>Resources>Search Configuration>Search Indexes
  2. Click on the ellipses of the search index being configured
  3. Click Customize
    • Under the Enable column click on white button to enable or disable the search indextoggle index on
    • Change Simple Search and/or Adv Search
      • True: means the search index will display when enabled. False means that it will not display
        toggle true/false
  4. Click Save when done configuring search indexes

Customizing Local Field Search Index Display Name

Local fields display names can be customized. Local fields include MARC, holdings, and authority fields.

Local fields that may be customized include:

To customize the display name for local fields search indexes:

  1. Go to Configuration>Resources>Search Configuration>Search Customize Indexes Labels
  2. Type the customized label name into the local field
    customize search name
  3. Click Save