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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

MarcEdit/Alma Integration

MarcEdit can be integrated with Alma, which removes the need to create a repository import profile to import MARC records into Alma from MarcEdit. SUNY policy is to update OCLC MARC records in Connexion and import them into Alma when non-local changes are made to Network Zone (NZ) linked MARC record. Only local MARC fields containing $$9 local should be added, edited, or deleted in MarcEdit and then imported into Alma when they are linked to the NZ. 

MarcEdit/Alma integration allows catalogers to:

  • Search for Alma MARC records in MarcEdit
  • Download Alma MARC records into MarcEdit
  • Make changes to Alma MARC records
  • Import edited MARC records into Alma from MarcEdit

Configuring the MarcEdit/Alma Integration

To Integrate MarcEdit with Alma:

  1. Create an API
  2. Configure MarcEdit


To create an API:

  1. Go to
  2. Login in using the institution's Developer's Network login 
  3. Click on Build My APIs
  4. Click on Manage Keys
  5. Click on Add API Key
  6. Add/Edit API Key screen opens
    • Name: MarcEdit Integration
    • Click Add Permission
      • Select Bibs
      • Select Production
      • Select Read/write
    • Click Add Permission
      • Select Users
      • Select Production
      • Select Read/write
  7. Click Save
  8. Copy the API Key for MarcEdit configration
    • Click on the eye icon for the MarcEdit Integration API
    • Click Copy
    • Paste the API key to a text editor
  9. Logout of Developer's Network

To Configure MarcEdit:

  1. Open MarcEdit
  2. Click on the Set MarcEdit Preferences icon (cog wheel)
  3. Click on ILS Integration from the left-hand side 
    • Click on the check box for Enable ILS Option
    • Select System: Alma
    • Host Name:
    • Username: [leave blank]
    • API Token: [paste in the API key]
    • Check the box for Ignore SSL Certificate Errors
    • Check the box for Use Z39.50/SRU settings
  4. The Z39.50 Setting screen pops-up
    • Name: Alma
    • Host Name:
      • ### represents your institutions three-letter Alma identifier
    • Database: 01SUNY_###
      • ### represents your institutions three-letter Alma identifier
    • Port: 1921
    • Syntax: MARC21
    • Username: [type in Alma username]
    • Password: [type in Alma password]
    • Click Save
  5. Click Add
    1. Enter Profile Name:  Alma
  6. Click Apply
  7. Click Ok

NOTE: If the cataloger gets a Z39.50 error when trying to use the MarcEdit integration, the Z39.50/SRU settings needs to be re-entered.


MarcEdit Configuration for Integration with Alma

MarcEdit Configuration for Alma Integration

Using the MarcEdit/Alma Integration

MarcEdit Alma Integration can be used to:

  1. Search for MARC records in Alma
  2. Downloading Alma Marc Records into MarcEdit
  3. Importing edited MARC records into Alma from MarcEdit


To search for MARC records in Alma:

  1. Open MarcEdit
  2. Click on Alma>Search (Ctrl+Shift+S)
  3. The Actions screen opens
    1. Query Database: [Applied database displays]
    2. Search: [enter search term]
    3. Select a search index:
      • Title
      • Author
      • Subject
      • ISBN
      • ISSN
      • Record Number (aka OCLC Number)
      • Keyword
    4. Click the green button with an arrow (or click enter)
    5. Search results will display under Results

To download Alma Marc Records into MarcEdit:

To download one record to open in the MarcEditor:

  1. Double-click on the record from the Results section
  2. Record will open in the MarcEditor
  3. Click the X to close the search screen

To download multiple records to open in the MarcEditor:

  1. Double-click on one of the Results section to open in the MarcEditor
  2. Double-click on the next record to be opened in the MarcEditor
  3. Click Yes when the MArcEdit pop-up opens asking "Append to existing data in MarcEditor"
  4. Continue steps 2-3 as necessary
  5. Records will open in order they were downloaded in the MarcEditor
  6. Click the X to close the search screen


To download all records to open in the MarcEditor:

  1. Click on the Download All Items link under the Results section
  2. Click Ok when the pop-up screen displays stating "Records have been downloaded"
  3. The records will all open in the MarcEditor
  4. Click the X to close the search screen


To import edited MARC records into Alma from MarcEdit:

  • MARC records can be imported into Alma from the MarcEditor regardless of how the record was opened in the MarcEditor
  • Catalogers will want to remove 852s from downloaded MARC records that will be imported back into Alma 
  • Imported MARC record that do not exist in the repository it will be created in the IZ regardless of Placement Options for new records in Alma

To import MARC records into Alma from MarcEdit:

  1. Click on Alma>Update/Create (Ctrl+Shift+C)
  2. A pop-up will display stating the records are processing
  3. Click Ok when the Records Processed: # pop-up displays
  4. MARC records have been update  or created in Alma

Supporting Documentation