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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

Search Tips

It is important to use unique identifiers to retrieve the best repository search results in Alma. The repository search can be as simple or as advanced as is required to limit the search results to a usable size.
Unique identifiers include:

  • OCLC number
  • ISBN
  • ISSN
  • Other Standard Numbers
  • MMS ID 


Physical Bib Record Search Types:

  • All Titles - use this search to find all bib records in the IZ and NZ with and without inventory
  • Physical Titles - use this search to find bib records in the IZ that contain inventory. You must have at least one physical holdings associated with the record in order to retrieve it using a Physical Titles search

Searching the NZ for New Titles

The Network Zone provides the benefit of efficient suny-wide cataloging:

  • Chances are good that the bib record you need may have already been added to the NZ by someone at another campus
  • If the bib record that you need does not exist yet in the NZ, you may export it from OCLC
  • If a bib record does not exist in either the NZ or OCLC yet, you may create a brief bib for ordering purposes

Finding Bibliographic Records:

  1. Perform an All Tiles simple or advanced repository search in the NZ. Use enough information to be able to retrieve and identify the correct bib record, such as ISBN/ISSN/Other Standard Number, OCLC Number, Creator (Author), Title, etc.
  2. Use facets on the left-side to limit the results to a specific resource type
  3. Click on the title link for the record and review bib record using the following MARC fields:
  4. When the correct record is identified it may be Ordered or used for inventory
  5. If the correct bib record is not yet identified:
    • Refining your search or
    • Export the desired bib record from OCLC to the NZ 

Searching for Owned Titles

The same "new title" NZ search methods apply for searching the NZ or the IZ for titles that you already own.


  • Performing a "Physical Title" search will only retrieve bib records that contain physical inventory. Physical inventory includes holdings and item records.
  • Performing an "All Title" search will return all bib records in the IZ or the NZ regardless of physical inventory
  • You can use an NZ MMS id to find an NZ-linked bib record in your IZ by searching for it as a Keyword rather than an MMS ID because the Keyword search includes the 001 field, where the NZ MMS ID is stored on the IZ version.keyword search for NZ mms id


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