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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.

Opening Records in the MD Editor

There are two ways bib and holdings records can be opened in the MD Editor:

  1. Using "Edit Records"/"Edit" to open bib/holdings records immediately in the MD Editor editing pane
  2. Using "Push to MDE" allows records to be pushed to the MD Editor for later use

Openings Bib/Holdings Records Using "Edit Record" or "Edit"

To open a bib or holdings record in the editing pane of the MD Editor using "Edit Record":

  1. Perform a repository search for the bib record
  2. To open the bib, click Edit Record
    • Click on the ellipses to select "Edit Record" if it is not one of the visible buttons

    Click "Edit Record" to Open the Bib Record in the MD Editor
  3. To open a holdings record, click on Holdings, then click Edit
    Click "Edit" to Open a Holdings Record in the MD Editor
  4. The record will open in the editing pane of the MD Editor

"Push to MDE" Feature of the MD Editor

"Push to MDE" allows the user to push bib and holdings records to the MD Editor for later use.

  • When records are pushed to the MD Editor using this feature, the records will be waiting for the user upon opening the MD Editor.
  • "Push to MDE" streamlines workflows by eliminating the need for users to open a bib or holding record in the editing pane of the MD Editor in order to go back and work on them at a later time.

Records will not be Pushed to the MD Editor if:

  • A record is locked by another user
  • A record is assigned to another user

Using "Push to MDE" to Move Records to the MD Editor

To push a single bib record to the MD Editor:

  1. Perform a "Title" repository search (All, Physical, Electronic, or Digital Titles search)
  2. Click "Push to MDE" from the ellipses of the bib record being pushed to the MD Editor, or click the select box and click the "Push Selected to MDE option in the top right
    New MD Editor - Push to MDE - Single Record
  3. To push holdings, click on Holdings and then either use the ellipses to choose Push to MDE or select the holdings you want and use the Push to MDE button
  4. If your bib record results list has more than one item that you want to send to the MD Editor, click all of the records that you want before you Push Selected to MDE


You can use the Cog icon to prioritize "Push to MDE" so that it shows in the results list:

  1. Click on the "cog" icon for "Manage Display Items" (if it has already been customized it will say "Customize your view" when you hover over it)
  2. Click Show All
  3. Drag and drop "Push to MDE" to the desired position
  4. Click Save