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Alma Resource Management

Working with the Metadata Editor in the Institution and Network Zones. Includes indication and normalization rules.


MSP-1 defines OCLC as the primary bibliographic utility for SUNY:

  • Members must use OCLC as their primary bibliographic utility
  • Members must use the OCLC record number as the primary match point when exporting records into Alma, except in cases where a SUNY policy has been established to use a different match point
  • The following types of bibliographic records are not required to contain OCLC record numbers or to have holdings set in OCLC (these exceptions should not be linked to the NZ):
    • Records created for ordering purposes
    • Personal-copy course reserves
    • Titles borrowed on ILL from outside the SUNY system
    • Inventory control of equipment or records representing titles in a knowledgebase
    • MARCIVE shipping list records
    • Host bibliographic records for bound-withs
    • Suppressed bibliographic records
    • Record sets provided by vendors other than OCLC, including leased book sets
    • Electronic records

Exporting from OCLC to the NZ


  • OCLC Cataloging account
  • OCLC Gateway Export Profile for the NZ
  • NZ OCLC Integration Profile (created and maintained by SUNY Library Services)
  • Alma Metadata editor is set to have the Placement of new records and templates to the NZ. Make sure the radio buttons are set to Network under Options.

Before adding a New Bib Record to the NZ (Network Zone):

  • Check that the Bib record does not already exist in the NZ
  • Make sure the OCLC Export Profile is active (applied) for the Alma NZ


Steps for adding a new OCLC Bib record to the NZ:

  1. Search for the record in OCLC
  2. Edit and replace the record if there are MARC fields in the record that need to be corrected or added to in order enhance the bibliographic information. DO NOT save any local fields or information to OCLC records. Local information/fields can be added in the Metadata editor in Alma.
  3. Export the record from OCLC to the NZ using the NZ Export Profile
  4. Check that the record has been successfully added to the NZ by searching for the MMS Id that was created upon Export

NZ Export Profile

Updating an OCLC record in the NZ

OCLC master records may be re-exported to update an existing NZ bib record by:

  • A cataloger who has edited/enhanced the OCLC master record and would like to see the changes applied immediately in the NZ
  • Daily by the OCLC import profiles for updated and merged OCLC master record

To overlay (re-export) an OCLC master record to Alma's NZ:

  1. Open OCLC Connexion Client or Web Browser
  2. Make sure the Alma NZ Export Profile is applied
  3. Search for the desired bib record
  4. Edit/enhance the master bib record
  5. Export the bib record to the NZ
  6. If the export is successful, you will receive a message
    • OCLC Connexion Client: export message with the NZ MMS ID ending with 4801
    • OCLC Connexion Client Web Browser: says that the record exported

NOTE: DO NOT edit an OCLC number in an existing bib record in the Network Zone, which may be in use by another library. Instead, export the correct bib record from OCLC to the NZ. Only brief bib records created for ordering should be edited to add an OCLC number.

Overlaying a Brief Bib in the NZ

  1. Open the NZ version of the bib record in the MD Editor
  2. Click Editing Actions>Add Field
  3. Add the 035 field with the OCLC # as follows:
    • 035 _ _ $$a (OCoLC)############
      • Indicators are empty 
      •  ########## represents the OCLC number
      • Example: 035 _ _ $$a (OCoLC)1121603144
  4. Click the Save icon
  5. Click Record Actions>Release Record
  6. Export the bib record from OCLC to Alma
  7. Check to make sure the NZ bib record and the IZ record linked to the NZ bib record have both been updated to a full bib record

Exporting from OCLC to the IZ

Exceptions defined in MSP-3 are the only physical bib records that should reside in the IZ rather than in the NZ:

  • Personal-copy course reserves
  • Titles borrowed on ILL from outside SUNY
  • Inventory control of equipment
  • Host bibliographic records for bound-withs
  • Suppressed bibliographic records
  • Vendor record sets that the library is not allowed to share

To export a bib record to the IZ: Follow the same steps that you would take to export to the NZ but make sure the Alma IZ Export Profile is applied rather than the NZ Export Profile.

IZ Export Profile