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Alma Electronic Resources Management

Working with and managing electronic resources in Alma.

Searching Best Practices

The first step to create an order record and purchase order line is to select the resource for acquisition in the Community Zone. It’s helpful to use CZ records as these records are automatically updated by Ex Libris as content and platform changes are made by publishers.

It can be challenging to search and select a resource from the CZ because oftentimes multiple versions of a package are available. For example, PsycINFO is available from APA, EBSCO, and ProQuest. When activating journal content, it’s important to find portfolios that match full-text coverage and the title list of a given package.

Searching Electronic Resources Documentation and Training

Identifying Collections Activated by Other SUNY Campuses

If you can't figure out what version of your e-resource title or collection to activate, you can search the Network Zone to see which version was activated by other SUNY campuses.