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Alma Electronic Resources Management

Working with and managing electronic resources in Alma.


The quality of the records in the CZ is determined by the type of records sent to Ex Libris by the vendor. Record quality can vary, and may be enhanced over time as vendors send updates. For example, a brief bib may be replaced by the vendor's full bib.

There are several options for dealing with brief or insufficient bib records from the CZ. However, if the record is not completely unusable, it might not be worth the time and effort to correct it, and might be better to wait for a vendor update. 

Potential Drawbacks to modifying insufficient bib records:

  • You assume responsibility for ensuring the record is accurate and updated appropriately going forward.
  • You will no longer inherit bibliographic record updates from the CZ. 


Relink to a Better CZ Record

If the community zone portfolio you would like to use is linked to an undesirable record, but there is another better bibliographic record available in the CZ, you can relink that portfolio to the better CZ record. This method requires no ongoing maintenance on your part.


  • Activate the portfolio in the correct CZ package
  • Search for the portfolio in the IZ and choose Edit Portfolio
  • Click the "Relink to another bibliographic record" button
  • Search for and select the CZ record you would like to use instead
    • Handling bibliographic records without inventory = Delete bibliographic records
    • Confirm

relink to better CZ record

Save CZ Record and Edit Locally

You can convert a CZ bibliographic record into a local IZ record and edit it as much as you'd like. This may be a good option if there is not a better CZ record to use, and the existing CZ bib record is a good starting point. The drawback to this method is that you will no longer inherit any CZ changes for this bib record.


  • Activate the portfolio in the CZ
  • Do an IZ Title search to find the bibliographic record you want to edit
  • Click Edit record to open it in the MD Editor
  • Record Actions - Copy to Catalog
  • Edit the record as you'd like
  • Save - Save and Release Record

copy record to IZ

Import a Better Record from OCLC

Importing a record directly into your IZ from OCLC is another option if you feel you need a better bibliographic record for a portfolio. 


  • Configuration: 
    • Make sure that you've configured an IZ OCLC export for Alma. Electronic bib records should not be exported into the NZ.
    • Make sure that the IZ OCLC export is selected before exporting
    • Switch the default export back to the NZ after completing your export, as it's usually recommended to export physical titles into the NZ rather than the IZ
  • Choose Appropriate Records: Ensure that you select an electronic resources bibliographic record in OCLC. Physical records should not be used for electronic portfolios because it will impact indexing and availability in Primo.
  • Relink: once your new record is in your IZ, relink the portfolio's bibliographic record as instructed above

Import a Better Record Using an Import Profile

Repository Import Profiles may be used to load or update records and inventory from external sources like publishers or OCLC Collection Manager. You may use them for individual records or sets of records.