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Alma Electronic Resources Management

Working with and managing electronic resources in Alma.


Acquiring electronic content is not unlike acquiring print content. The primary difference is a new electronic resource will be activated rather than received. Additionally, many electronic resources are licensed through an annual subscription which will have to be renewed for continued access.

The basic workflow for acquiring a new electronic resource is as follows:

  • Create a vendor record if a record does not exist for the vendor
  • Search the CZ for the desired resource and click on Order to start a new order record (POL)
  • Create a Purchase Order Line (POL)
  • Activate the resource (once the vendor confirms that access is available) and test access to verify the resource is set up correctly and available to users
  • Create and close an invoice

Please note: If you are creating a POL for a resource that was migrated as an activated electronic collection or portfolio without an order record, the process to create a POL in Alma will be different. The steps to create a POL for an already-activated resource are outlined in the following SLS FAQ: How do I create a Purchase Order Line for an Electronic Resource that was Already Activated?

More detailed information about acquisitions functions, including using technical or minimal acquisitions, will be available in the Acquisitions guide (due to be published in April of 2020)

Electronic Resource Acquisitions Documentation and Training