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Alma Electronic Resources Management

Working with and managing electronic resources in Alma.

Resource Evaluation and Collection Analysis

Alma supports processes to evaluate electronic collections as well as the value of collections and portfolios using cost-per-use analysis. The following pages will outline the steps to:

  • Upload COUNTER reports manually
  • Set up SUSHI accounts
  • Alma Analytics reports which analyze cost-per-use

As of January 2020, Alma is COUNTER Release 5 compliant. For more information about COUNTER usage statistics, visit the COUNTER website. For more information about SUSHI, visit the NISO website.


The process to evaluate a resource and decide whether or not to continue a subscription, has some parallels to the evaluation process for a new resource. In addition to looking at usage statistics, it's also helpful to look for content overlap using the Overlap and Collection Analysis and Duplicate Title Analysis tools which are described on the Investigate New Content for Acquisition page and the Content Analysis page.