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Alma Electronic Resources Management

Working with and managing electronic resources in Alma.


The following pages will describe workflows in Alma that support the selection, acquisition, and activation of electronic resources. The basic steps for these processes are as follows:

  • Investigate and select a resource for acquisition
  • Review and sign a license agreement
  • Place the order with the vendor
  • Search for and identify the appropriate electronic collection or portfolio in the CZ, or create a local electronic collection or portfolio
  • Create a Purchase Order Line (POL)
  • When access is available from the vendor, activate the resource in Alma

Roles for Acquisitions

In addition to the roles listed on the first page of this guide, you will need specific roles to perform acquisitions functions in Alma.

  • To create purchase order lines, you will need the role of Purchasing Operator or Purchasing Manager.
  • To create invoices, you will need the role of Invoice Operator, Invoice Operator Extended, or Invoice Manager.