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Accessibility and SLS

covers what SUNY Library Services is doing to address accessibility both internally and for SUNY


Web Accessibility Standards as presented by SUNY Electronic & Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility:

  • Color is not the only means used to convey information - Required
  • There is sufficient contrast between foreground and background text - Required
  • There is sufficient contrast when color is used to convey information - Strongly Recommended 

Color checking:

  • axe — "the Accessibility Engine is an open-source JavaScript accessibility rules library that is fast, returns no false positive errors or duplicate results, and is publicly available as a GitHub repository, browser plugin, or framework integration" - Deque University
  • Colour Contrast Analyser  — "a free application available for Windows and Mac where testers can conduct manual color contrast analyses of web content and non-HTML content (e.g., document files, email) and simulate certain visual conditions" - Deque University
  • Contrast Ratio by Lea Verou
  • Colour Contrast Analyzer by Paciello Group
  • Color Contrast Checker by WebAIM
  • Note: Automated color contrast tools may produce false positive and require manual evaluation in some instances. For example, the automated tools cannot identify when a background image or a gradient is used in place of a solid color.