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Accessibility and SLS

covers what SUNY Library Services is doing to address accessibility both internally and for SUNY

Best Practices for Campus EIT Committees

Many libraries may be asking, "How can the library become more integrated into campus EIT?" Here are the first steps to figuring out what’s required by your campus:

The June 20, 2019, SUNY Board of Trustees Resolution on Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility required all SUNY campuses to designate an EIT Accessibility Officer and develop an EIT Accessibility Plan.  The EIT Accessibility Officer and the EIT Accessibility Plan should include the library.  Many campuses have developed EIT Accessibility Committees or Advisory Boards, often involving staff from a variety of areas.

If you haven't been involved in the creation of your campus's EIT Accessibility plan, asking for a copy is a good first step.  And, making contact with the campus EIT Accessibility Officer is important.

See the SUNY Libraries Accessibility Guidelines Implementation Guidance document in SUNY Blue, which lays out the areas in which Libraries should be planning to coordinate accessibility efforts.

The E-Resources Librarian or Library Director will also want to inquire about what reviewing and testing guidelines are coming up for procurement purposes. In reaching out to the EIT committee or procurement staff, the Library Contact should ask:

  • How is Priority or Impact Level being determined, and what reviews will be required and when?
  • What is the short term plan for gathering accessibility conformance documentation
  • What resources does the library subscribe to that hasn't been recently reviewed as part of the SUNY Third Party Vendor Repository?

Does the Library Need Its Own Accessibility Plan?

Many SUNY libraries have created their own library accessibility plan, as this allows the library to document its efforts, which may involve several different areas.  A few library plans are below as examples.  Alternatively, the library's plan could be integrated into the overall EIT Accessibility Plan for the campus; depending on how large and complex your campus's plan is, it may or may not be necessary for the library to create its own library plan.  What's most important is that your library plan represents all of the library's efforts and plans involving accessibility, and that the library's plan is aligned with your campus's overall EIT Accessibility plan.

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