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Accessibility and SLS

covers what SUNY Library Services is doing to address accessibility both internally and for SUNY

Best Practices for Campus Communication about Accessibility

Tips for informing your campus community about library accessibility

  1. Create a Webpage for Library Accessibility that includes
    • Liaison(s) or contact person(s) within the library for accessibility support
    • Information about adaptive software and technology available in the library
    • Information about elevators, entrances, and restroom access within the library
    • Information about adaptive technology available for checkout
  2. Make sure links to the library website and accessibility webpage are prominent on the campus website and Disability Services webpage
  3. Cultivate a strong relationship with Disability Services
    • Track on events and seek ways to include a library presence whenever possible
    • Provide information on accessibility tools available in the library
    • Seek input on new accessibility-related purchases
    • Seek students with disabilities to work in the library

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