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Accessibility and SLS

covers what SUNY Library Services is doing to address accessibility both internally and for SUNY


Web Accessibility Standards as presented by SUNY Electronic & Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility

Provide meaningful alt text for all images, except cases described below:

  • Use null alt text for decorative images (alt="")
  • Images used as links (without accompanying text description) have alt text indicating link target
  • If the same visual presentation can be made using text alone, an image is not used to present that text
  • When a text link and image link with the same URL are grouped, use a single < a > element and a null alt tag for the image
  • Graphs, charts and maps include contextual or supporting details in text surrounding the image

In addition:

  • Try to avoid images of words, unless you plan to write out the words in the alt tag. For example, if you're posting a copy of hours signage on your website, save the poster as something that can be read by screen reader software (PDF) and not as an image (png, jpg, etc.) that has to be seen to be understood


  • For web pages, use an equation editor that outputs MathML. (e.g., MathType)
  • For documents and presentations, use an equation editor that supports accessibility (e.g., MathType)

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