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Accessibility and SLS

covers what SUNY Library Services is doing to address accessibility both internally and for SUNY

Services & Digital Content

From EIT Library Accessibility Guidelines (LAG)

Library Services:

  • Establish policies and procedures for making library materials accessible in a variety of formats (e.g., requests for accommodation, alternative format, OCR scans) (Required)
    • Review current library policies and/or check with Disability Resource Center for existing policies
    • Ensure there is a written description of library-specific policies for special privileges (e.g., virtual services, extended loan periods)
    • Outline procedures for requesting accommodation (e.g., alternate formats)
    • Publish all policies online
  • Designate a liaison or contact within the library to provide EIT support (Required)
  • Provide instructions, documentation, and handouts available in an accessible digital format upon request (Required)
    • To ease the processing of requests, libraries may want to maintain a repository of library materials such as instructions, documentation, or maps, so they may be easily distributed upon request
    • Refer to Digitizing Content for information on creating accessible documents
  • Provide access, resource, and service information on a library accessibility webpage (Required) 
  • Provide training to all library staff on available assistive technology and EIT best practices (Strongly recommended)
    The following sites provide free or low-cost training
  • Provide assistive technologies and equipment in computer labs, particularly in specialized spaces such as makerspaces (Required) 

Digitizing Content:

  • Ensure documents and forms digitized or hosted by the library are accessible, or can be made accessible upon request. (Required)
    • Examples: brochures, handouts, pathfinders, online course reserves, etc.
    • Refer to Digital Content guide for help, also this site Creating Accessible Documents by University of Washington
  • Perform high quality source document scans (Required)
  • When scans for instructional and research materials are requested (e.g., course reserves, ILL), conduct basic OCR scans (text-renderable). Purchasing a new digital document, physical book, or processing by an external vendor may be required to achieve basic accessibility. (Required)
  • Identify and purchase materials that are captioned, or allow and promote the use of interlibrary loan to request captioned titles if your library owns the (uncaptioned) item (Required)
  • Include transcripts for any media recordings (Required)