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Accessibility and SLS

covers what SUNY Library Services is doing to address accessibility both internally and for SUNY

Accessibility Checker Tools



  • FAQs:
    • Can SortSite check pages by domain? – Yes. The tool allows you to literally browse to any website using the software and then crawl the entire site looking for issues. (even sites that aren’t under your own domain)
    • Is there a limit on the number of pages you can check in batch? – 22,000 pages is the limit (see link above)
    • Does it look at docs/pdfs, or just HTML? – The tool scans all documents that it can crawl to (as long as they are linked to on the website it will be scanned)
    • Does it check for outdated code or just accessibility type problems (missing alt tags, no language, etc.)? – Accessibility issues as well as broken links & spelling, browser compatibility.