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SUNY Library Services (SLS)

Orientation Services

The Office of Library and Information Services provides courtesy orientation for staff and librarians who are new to SUNY Libraries as well as staff and librarians who move to new positions within their existing library. OLIS provides high-level, job-specific orientation paths and sessions to review SUNY-specific processes, system-wide shared technologies, and core collections information. Our goal is to help staff and librarians be better informed and feel welcomed to the SUNY community.

We provide orientation services for library directors, as well as staff and librarians working with electronic resources, discovery, resource sharing & fulfillment, acquisitions, analytics, institutional repositories, and SUNYConnect consortial resources. Orientation typically consists of an introductory meeting with OLIS and 1-2 one-on-one follow up sessions to review questions or highlights from customized orientation materials shared in advance.

Orientation is intended to provide an introduction to foundational concepts that will familiarize employees with principles and resources that will help them as they assume their new roles. OLIS also offers in-depth consultation and training on processes, procedures, and workflows as a separate service, so please contact if that is of interest.

We welcome the opportunity to onboard new and existing hires. Please fill out the Orientation Request Form to schedule an introductory session.