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SUNY Library Services (SLS)


SUNY Library Services (SLS) provides a wide array of services for all of SUNY, including, but not limited to:

  • Alma Resource Sharing: configuration, management of rotas, statistics tracking, frontline support
  • Network Zone Management: record updates and quality control, regular clean-up routines, campus support
  • Electronic Collection Purchasing and Implementation: see Electronic Collections guide for detailed information
  • Orientation: courtesy orientation for staff and librarians who are new to SUNY Libraries as well as staff and librarians who move to new positions within their existing library. See Orientation guide.
  • Authentication Coordination: support for changes to campus authentication
  • API Support: assistance with API creation for analytics, acquisitions, etc.

SLS also offers contractual additional systems management support and services to help supplement the work at the campus level. See the Extended Support guide for more information, and contact us at for details about contracts and pricing.