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SUNY Libraries Consortium (SLC) 2017-2022

The SUNY Libraries Consortium (SLC) was an independent organization formed to implement the vision of the Member Libraries of the Consortium (Membership) and support SUNY students, faculty, researchers and staff.



  • Michelle Eichelberger, SLS, chair
  • Megan Coder, New Paltz
  • Kim Kennedy, Stony Brook
  • Yvonne Kester, SLS
  • Jen Parker, Cortland
  • Heidi Webb, Upstate


The SUNY Library Services (SLS) team is interested in exploring how to better manage external resources in Alma and Primo. The External Resources Task Force will focus on reviewing methods of importing content from archives and other repositories, and developing and recommending best practices for the SUNY Library community. The Task Force will begin its work in August 2020, with an expected end date in November 2020.

The External Resources Task Force will investigate the following:

  • How to best manage External Resource content in Alma/Primo, including import profiles, proxy considerations, etc.
  • Compare discovery import profiles with digital import profiles and determine best practices
  • How to set up normalization rules for import profiles
  • Review the Alma digital viewer for content discovery 
  • Assess Collection Discovery in Alma/Primo and how it can highlight repository content in Primo
  • Consider the need for a SUNYwide electronic theses and dissertations (ETD) portal, and recommend next steps for coordinating ETD in SUNY 

Deliverables from the Network e-Resource Task Force will be:

  • Recommendations for external resources best practices
    • Projected Completion Date: November 15, 2020