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SUNY Libraries Consortium (SLC) 2017-2022

The SUNY Libraries Consortium (SLC) was an independent organization formed to implement the vision of the Member Libraries of the Consortium (Membership) and support SUNY students, faculty, researchers and staff.



  • Maggie Mcgee, SLS, Chair
  • Marian Stern, Binghamton
  • Jason Parker, Buffalo
  • Kate Jones, Oswego
  • Noah Roth, Broome Community College
  • Marla Gruner, Ulster CC


The API Based Ordering Task force will be charged with evaluating and testing the functionality and viability of using API based ordering such as Gobi and Oasis within the SUNY Network Zone environment. Specifically, the task force will analyze Ex Libris’ New Order API and related configuration such as configuration of integration profiles for ordering new physical bibliographic records in a Network Zone environment. The API Based Ordering Task Force will analyze criteria for adding records to the SUNY Network Zone, and analyze how functionality available for ordering via API matches with requirements for adding records to the NZ. If adding records to the NZ via API ordering is not possible, the Task Force will create recommendations for how to handle linking of records added to the IZ.

The API Task Force will be responsible for investigating:

  • API configuration limitations and their impact on the Network Zone for:
    • Alma New Order API
    • API Restrictions
  • How physical bibliographic records are imported into the Network Zone via:
    • Alma New Order API
    • API Restrictions
  • The implications of importing physical bibliographic records into the Network Zone via:
    • Alma New Order API
    • API Restrictions
  • Potential workflows for linking records added to the IZ via order API if records cannot be added directly to the NZ.
  • Beta testing the importing new physical bibliographic records using APIs in Alma Sandboxes

Deliverables from the API New Order Task Force:

  • Overview of how API based ordering will work in with the SUNY Network Zone environment
  • Develop policies and/or best practices for:
    • API based ordering workflows
    • Configuration of integration profiles, import profiles, and other Alma related set up.
  • Present to the SLC Members on API based ordering configuration and maintenance in the SUNY Network Zone environment.