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SUNY Libraries Consortium (SLC) 2017-2022

The SUNY Libraries Consortium (SLC) was an independent organization formed to implement the vision of the Member Libraries of the Consortium (Membership) and support SUNY students, faculty, researchers and staff.



  • William Archer, Monroe Community College
  • Jeff Goldstein, University at Albany, Chair
  • Timothy Jackson, SUNY Library Services
  • Bill Jones, SUNY Geneseo
  • Jill Kehoe, SUNY Maritime
  • Lisa McLaughlin, University at Buffalo
  • Michael Schillace, Cayuga Community College
  • Elise Thornley, Binghamton University


Approved and last updated 6/2017

Develop and maintain standard system-wide policies and workflows to enhance and expand access to SUNY collections throughout the Consortia. Propose and implement policies and procedures for sharing patron information across SUNY to make access to resources efficient for all SUNY affiliates. Research security best practices and policies related to patron data, and recommend policies related to storing, sharing, and managing patron information. Establish resource sharing policies, best practices, and processes to provide seamless access to electronic and print collections at all SUNYs. Research and develop configuration for access services and resource sharing functionality within the Library Services Platform (LSP). Explore new and emerging options for fulfillment and resource sharing in the LSP to expand the sharing of resources outside of the SLC. Propose optimal system settings to: enhance efficiency for local access, encourage widespread effective system resource sharing, and produce reliable data for system-wide data analysis. Create shared analytics recommendations to continue data-driven development of Access Services and Resource Sharing activities across SUNY. Analyze fulfillment options within discovery, and recommend best practices to the LSP Discovery Working Group that are user-friendly and encourage the best use of local and system-wide resources. Review needs and options for Access Services and Resource Sharing training in the SUNY Library Consortium, and recommend training plans to the LSP Task Force and LSP Training Working Group.