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SUNY Libraries Consortium (SLC) 2017-2022

The SUNY Libraries Consortium (SLC) was an independent organization formed to implement the vision of the Member Libraries of the Consortium (Membership) and support SUNY students, faculty, researchers and staff.

Members & Charge


  • Kathy Machin, Farmingdale (secretary, Technical College)
  • Matthew Smith, ESF (Doctoral sector)
  • Esta Tovstiadi (SUNY Library Services)
  • Jane Kessler, Albany (university center)
  • Theo Belniak, University at Buffalo (university center)
  • Tim Arnold, Jamestown (Chair, Community College sector)
  • Benjamin Andrus, Binghamton (Doctoral sector)
  • Kerrie Fergen-Wilkes, Fredonia (Comprehensive sector)

The committee was formerly known as the Commercial Products Committee (CPC)



Approved 08/03/20

The SUNY Shared Collections Committee (SSCC) partners with the SUNY Library Shared Services (SLS) staff and members of the SUNY Libraries Consortium to encourage cooperation and collaboration in selecting, evaluating, and recommending resources for shared collection building as well as developing collection building strategies for the Consortium for cost-effective sharing, licensing, and description. The SSCC operates with shared values of innovative and strategic collection development to provide library users across the SUNY system with access to high quality and relevant information resources, and maintains an awareness of current trends in scholarly communication and Open Access publishing within SUNY.

The Committee reports and makes recommendations to the SLC Board while serving in an advisory role to SLS by recommending the acquisition, continuation or termination of access of resources by continually seeking feedback and input from the SLC membership. Members of the SSCC represent the SLC membership rather than their own local campus interests and the SSCC acts as a coordinator and communicator between SLC membership and SLS. When assistance and expertise beyond current SSCC membership is needed, the Committee establishes task forces and working groups to complete projects, address consortial issues, and support contract negotiations. The SSCC contributes to negotiations for new contracts for collections on behalf of the SLC and solicits buy-in through clear and regular communication and voting. The SSCC’s decision-making and strategy is guided by the collection development policy and evaluative rubric set forth by the Committee, with a priority on leveraging economies of scale and identifying cost savings for the SLC membership in licensing shared resources across the Consortium.


Previous charge

The SLC Commercial Products Committee works with the SLC Board, the SLC Executive Director, OLIS staff and member libraries to encourage cooperation and collaboration in identifying, evaluating and recommending the purchase and/or brokering of electronic information resources. The committee will identify and promulgate efficient and cost effective best practices, licensing and negotiating principles. The committee will advise on maximizing the consortium’s economies of scale and leverage in negotiations with commercial creators and third party providers of content. The Commercial Products Committee will seek opportunities to partner with New York State’s Office of General Services to seek efficiencies and cost savings in the procurement process. The committee has a specific charge to identify and provide savings to each member library that equal or exceed the library’s baseline consortia membership dues.

Meeting Minutes 2017-2020