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Research Data Management

This toolkit offers guidance for researchers, librarians, and administrators on managing research data

Research Data Management Task Group


Goal: to build data communities of practice within SUNY and across campuses 

Data Management and data sharing requirements contribute to open science by enabling research that is reproducible, reusable, and transparent. Increasingly, federal funding programs are advancing open research by requiring data sharing and data management plans. Updates to the National Institutes of Health Data Management and Sharing Policy coupled with recent Office of Science and Technology Policy memo highlights the need to improve social, cultural, and technical infrastructure of data management within SUNY. This project builds on work in data sharing and research data management at SUNY being conducted by the Data Governance Task Force, ad hoc teams for implementing new NIH requirements, campus participation in external research initiatives, and other SUNY programs to establish data communities. 

  • Digital Innovation and Academic Services 
  • Research Foundation 
  • Campus Libraries 
  • Campus Institutional Research Offices 
  • Researchers 
  • Faculty 
  • Librarians 
  • Grant providers 
Project Goals 
  • Advance and contribute to open science initiatives 
  • Support campus researchers to meet federally funded grant requirements  
  • Plan, build, and establish internal data communities promoting existing emergent communities into mature data communities 
  • Extend partnerships with Ithaka S+R on Coordinating Research Data Support Services Across Campuses from cohort 2 and leverage recommendations for building mature data communities within SUNY 
  • Strengthen campus networks and campus contacts enabling communication data networks 
  • Create opportunities for shared data services across campuses to strengthen nascent and mature data management activities on campuses